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Beacon Church Pre-School


Learn through play in a fun environment

The Beacon Church proudly hosts two different pre-school classes each weekday during term time. We have quality trained staff with high adult to child ratios.


The preschool forms part of The Beacon Church and is involved within the wider Church family.  Our aim is to enhance the development and education of under statutory school age children in a safe, secure and stimulating environment that offers equal opportunities to all children and families, within the framework of the Early Years Foundation Guidance.     

All of our children have opportunities for fun and friendship with both the adults and other children. Families are encouraged to become involved in the preschool’s activities and in their child’s progress.

We hope to give to each child the necessary support to develop their potential at their own pace in a warm, caring atmosphere, like an extended family.

Take the time to find out more information about our preschool here, or if you would like to talk to someone direct, then do not hesitate to contact us.



Monday                      9.15  to  12.15  or  12.45   or     3.15

Tuesday                     9.15  to  12.15  or  12.45   or     3.15

Wednesday               9.15  to  12.15  or  12.45   or     3.15

Thursday                   9.15  to  12.15  or  12.45

Friday                         9.15  to  12.15  or  12.45