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Our preschool for children aged 2 years to 5 years is open to every family in the community. 

We have two classes meeting in the building.  They have up to 26 children, both boys and girls of mixed ages from 2 up to 4 years old. The children stay with their class throughout their time at preschool, building good relationships with the adults and making friendships that will carry on with them when they start school.

We are registered with and inspected by Ofsted, accept 3 and 4 year old Free Entitlement and accept child care vouchers from a range of companies. We also are approved to accept 2 year funding for those children who are eligible.

We are open every morning and three afternoons each week, you may choose from a variety of sessions and finish times to suit your child and family. We plan for our three and four year olds to attend a minimum of nine hours a week and our 2 year olds a minimum of six hours a week with no upper limit, but are very happy for our children who may need a longer settling in period to build up to their planned hours. All sessions start at 9.15 and either finish after 3 hours at 12.15, or the children stay for lunch and finish at 12.45 or they stay on for the afternoon and finish at 3.15. The upstairs class is only available on Monday and Tuesday afternoons and the downstairs class on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.