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Youth and Children’s Pastor

Vicky Piggott-Genge

Vicky Piggott-GengeVicky and Daniel followed God’s call to move to Canford Heath, for Vicky’s work at the Beacon Church back in September 2011. Vicky was a primary school teacher – but had been involved in youth and children’s work for more than 16 years. Her passion for youth and children’s ministry is evident in the energy she puts into her work and life, meaning she is very rarely still. Daniel works for Dorset County Council in their IT department (his skills come in very handy at church too!) and together with their Sons, Freddie and Bertie, they are committed to living an ‘out loud’ kind of life that shows those whom they encounter that the God they love and serve loves them too.



Mark - Treasurer Terry - Elder Bobby - Elder
Mark Maidment – Treasurer Terry Bull – Elder Bobby Wood – Elder
Keith Gubbins - Elder
Martin Woolley – Secretary Keith Gubbins – Elder

Other Leaders

We also have pre-school leaders, children’s work leaders, youth leaders, worship leaders and many others supporting these teams – if you make your need known we will point you to the right person to help!