Ignite is a fast paced, slightly crazy, very noisy youth group which is dedicated to creating a fun, safe and friendly space where young people in years 6-8 can feel like they belong. We believe that culture is demanding more from young people, and the pressure is on – therefore we want to provide an environment where you can come, chill out, be a bit crazy – but where you know you can be listened to, be valued and accepted, not just by us – but by God too.

Stuff you will need to know:

Where: The Beacon Church Centre (use the entrance that comes off of the car park)

When: Thursdays in term time – 6:15pm – 7:45pm Check the website for updates if you are unsure

Cost: £2 – but your first week is free – so you can come and check us out without worrying 🙂 If the cost is a problem – always come and speak to a member of staff – we would always much rather your company than your money! Additional: we have a tuck shop – you are allowed to spend £1 on sweets (there is a mix of pick and mix style sweets as well as chocolate bars etc) and then another 50p for a can.

What we get up to?

Each Thursday is a slightly different set up to keep things different and us all on our toes. However, as we have a full sized sports hall there is always a sport in there – whether is it football, basket ball, hockey – or a game we’ve made up – you will be able to use a lot of your energy up in there! In the coffee bar area, we have pool, table tennis, board games and card games, a craft – as well as space for you to just sit, chill out and catch up with your friends. We (nearly) always have small group chats as part of the evening, giving you the space to chat about the stuff that’s important to you, for you to be heard – understood and for you to know that you are great – and it’s not just us that think it – God does too.

THIS HALF TERM’S PLAN: This half term YOU are in charge of the small group material! You have given us questions, topics, activities and ideas which you would like to see incorporated into the evening – each evening is a different mix, a different set up and a different experience… Come expecting the unexpected!

If you are interested in coming and finding out more, all you need to do is turn up on the evening! If you are able to download, print and complete this form – please do so as it will speed up your registration – however, if you can’t, don’t worry – we will give you one when you arrive.

For more information about the group, please contact Vicky Piggott-Genge, our Youth and Children’s Pastor, via the form on the Contact Us page

The Beacon Church,
1-3 Mitchell Road,
Canford Heath,
BH17 8UE

01202 687697

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