During most services, we offer a group for young people from year 6 to year 13. We understand that young people mature and feel comfortable in the adult church at different times and therefore, they may or may not stay with us till year 13… 
By providing groups, we hope that the young people in our care (and their parents) will be able to get the most out of coming to church. You can be assured that all staff are DBS checked and have great material, fun and games planned for the group. As you can tell there is a rather large age gap within the group – however, we do our best to make sure that the activities, games and discussions are age related and mean that everyone can be involved at a level that’s appropriate for them.


Who is it for:
Conundrums is for young people in year 6-year 13. However, as with all the things we provide at The Beacon Church, our priority is you getting to know Jesus – and therefore, if you feel that you would ‘fit’ better in a different group, or in church, then chat to the leaders, let us know – we want to be able to support you in your journey – wherever you are on it.

When does it happen:
Conundrums happens most Sundays, unless the service is an all age. An all age service is designed in such away that there really is something for all ages, and therefore you will hopefully find something you will enjoy in it too. As leaders of Conundrums we are committed to help you, as you grow in age and faith, to find your place in the adult church too, therefore, we do also have some Sunday’s where we will stay in church together to listen to the sermon, and then use the following week to discuss things you remember and have questions about.

For more information about the group, please contact Vicky Piggott-Genge, our Youth and Children’s Pastor, via the form on the Contact Us page

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