During most services, we offer a staff led crèche, to make sure that you and your little ones can get the most out of being at church. You can be assured that all staff are DBS checked and have chosen some great toys for the children to play with. There is always a mix of things to try and cater to different children’s likes etc, we usually have a combination of ride-ons, kitchen/food, puzzles, colouring, little people, trains, cars, and so many more things…

If your little one is nervous and doesn’t want to be left, you are more than welcome to stay in the session as long as is needed for you and they to feel ok and comfortable. As part of the session, the children are offered a drink and a biscuit. If you would prefer your child to have water rather than squash, or they have any allergies which we would need to know about, please do come and speak to one of the leaders, and we will make sure we address the needs accordingly.

Who is it for:
We offer the staffed crèche for children aged 1-3 and a half at a ratio of 1:3 – if your little one is younger than 1, please still free to bring them out, however you will need to stay with them. We are a family friendly church (we really don’t mind a bit of noise!) so if you would like them to stay in the service with you, that is fine, alternatively, we have a room (The Prayer Lounge) at the back of church with large windows so you can still see, there is also a live sound feed so you can still be part of the service if you are more comfortable doing that.

When does it happen:
A staff led crèche will happen most Sundays, unless the service is an all age. An all age service is designed in such a way that there really is something for all ages, and therefore your little one hopefully will be able to join in and enjoy it. However, if you would prefer, the Prayer Lounge  at the back of church with its big windows and live sound feed is there for your use too. You can usually find a box of toys in there.

For more information about the group, please contact Vicky Piggott-Genge, our Youth and Children’s Pastor, via the form on the Contact Us page

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