Duracell exists to provide young people the chance to explore life together, in a loving and safe environment. As well as making sure we have loads of fun along the way, we provide the space for young people to really grapple with who they are, and what life holds for them – while giving them the opportunity to hear that God really does love them. We recognise, that there has possibly not been a time where there has been more pressure on young people to achieve, and we want to counter that by assuring young people that you are valued and valuable – not just because of numbers and letters on a piece of paper – but because you are you.

Stuff you will need to know:

Where: The Beacon Church Centre (use the entrance that comes off of the car park)

When: Thursdays in term time – 7:45pm – 9:00pm
Check the website for updates if you are unsure

Cost: £2 – but your first week is free – so you can come and check us out without worrying 🙂 If the cost is a problem – always come and speak to a member of staff – we would always much rather your company than your money!
Additional: We have a tuck shop – there is no limit on what you can spend – if we have it you can buy it…We have a mix of pick and mix style sweets ranging from 1p-10p as well as chocolate bars for 50p and then cans of drink for 50p too.

What we get up to?

Duracell is unlike our other youth groups, in that because of the ages of the young people and the outside pressures of life, we recognise that not everyone can make it every week. Therefore, our programme reflects this in its flexibility. We have a full sized sports hall for big games, and you can usually find a game of football or hockey (or any other manner of game that requires a big space!) happening, but we also have things in smaller rooms and other areas, such as card games like UNO, board games, pool, table tennis – spaces to chat and chill out and there is nearly always something crafty, for those of you who like something for your hands to do. We do create space within the evening for small group chats – this is a chance to really get to know one another, to build relationship, and for us as leaders to let you know about God who loves you massively.

During this half term, in our small groups, we are going to be looking some different, not often talked about parts of the bible – particularly in the Old Testament. The encounters, and stories you will hear will no doubt challenge your perception of peoples faith, God’s grace and what you though God was like. Don’t be afraid to come and challenge us with your questions too!

If you are interested in coming and finding out more, all you need to do is turn up on the evening! If you are able to download, print and complete this form – please do so as it will speed up your registration – however, if you can’t, don’t worry – we will give you one when you arrive.

For more information about the group, please contact Vicky Piggott-Genge, our Youth and Children’s Pastor, via the form on the Contact Us page